Soccer FAQ

Will there be a fall soccer season?


Yes, our Fall youth soccer season will occur. The season will not be a normal season as games are not permitted at this time.


Can a recreational league conduct competitive games?

No, contact sports (soccer) are not released for competitions, league play or tournaments. The Fall season will not consist of game days. We will have our practice small sided games during each training session.


Can a recreational league conduct training sessions?

Yes, you can. As long as you can follow the guidelines outlined in the next two bullet points, you may now conduct either skills-based training with no contact or contact practice with limitations.


Do players have to wear masks when engaging in skills training?

No. It is a recommended best practice that Parents/Guardians should wear face coverings inside training facilities.


Does the 10 person Mass Gathering Restriction still apply?

It does still apply for general population settings, but has been removed for sports training. The key to ensuring compliance is always maintaining 6-feet of distance. 

Are parents permitted to watch the skills training?

Yes. Parents/guardians can remain at the training facility; however, they should maintain six-foot social distancing practices.   No other spectators are permitted.


If I paid for the Spring/Fall 2020 season and now do not want to participate can I get a refund?


Yes, refunds will be issued in October for those who request a refund. We do not have enough money in the refund line and must have city council approval before being able to issues checks back to you. A form will be sent to all registrants in late August to gather all details in preparations for the Late October Disbursements.


Do I need a uniform?


A uniform this fall season is not needed BUT due to the mandates we are not able to give out practice’s pennies. We encourage you purchase directly from our website. Jerseys are the White Competitor tee & Kelly Green Competitor tee.


When does Fall 2020 Soccer Specific Athletic Training begin?


The training sessions will begin on September 8th, 2020

Is my child able to attend more than one scheduled session?


Yes, your player can attend 1 or more session each day offered. We are working on finalizing the days that sessions will be offered. Below are the start times of the session players can attend.




For the training sessions, will Parks and Rec be setting up the different stations or will we be using our own equipment to set these up?


Yes, there will be at least 4 total stations for each practice time. The stations will consist of athletic fitness (agility ladders, cones, sprint races) and soccer specific (skills or small sided games 2v2, 3v3, 5v5).


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