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Swim Lessons

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Swim Lessons Packet 2024

Dear Parent, 

First of all, thank you for trusting our staff with your children. We know this can be a scary time, but we assure you our staff is trained to protect and teach to the very best of their abilities. For those of you who are not familiar we are an Ellis and Associates affiliate, which extends to our swim lesson program. We find this program goes above and beyond dipping your toes but rather teaches survival and safety. With focuses on skills like floating, bobbing and treading children quickly become much more confident in their swimming abilities. You may have also noticed that there are only three levels in our program. Each level however is nothing short of in depth, our most basic level (preschool) takes a child afraid to get into the water all the way through swimming on their front and back. Because of the extensive nature of these levels it is completely normal to need more than two weeks of time. And we encourage you not to lose heart if the instructor suggests your child repeats a level. Our goal is to teach your child water safety, while having a blast. Please do not hesitate to direct any questions you may have about a level, instructor or anything else toward our swim less condnator Emily. 

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Swim Lesson Level Information:

Preschool: For children with little to no experience in water. Students will learn to float on both their back and front, bob under the water and back up, to jump in on their own, to swim front crawl for at least 5 meters without assistance as well as water and sun safety.  

Beginner: For children comfortable doggy paddling/with some experience. Students will learn proper front crawl and backstroke. They will learn to swim breaststroke and complete at least 15 meters of it. To tread water and swim underneath to retrieve dive toys. As well as to jump in and swim 15 meters doing their stroke of choice with side to side breathing. 

Advanced Beginner: For students that want to learn even more! This class is a lot of swimming, students will learn to swim all four classic strokes with correct breathing patterns. They will have treading competitions, races and learn to dive. As well as complete a 50 meter swim. 

At the end of each session our swim instructors will hand out achievement cards, providing class recommendations as well as skills your child has learned. We also like to hand out ice cream on the last day, so please let Emily know if you have any allergy concerns so we can provide a treat for your child as well. 


Emily Cangelosi and Lenier Crawford

Swim Lesson Coordinators can be reached at: 


Contact pool office at 740-927-4231 Closed (October-March)

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