Hello Everyone! 
If you recall, the Pataskala Parks and Recreation department has sent previous emails regarding technology and Esports programming. All that planning is coming to fruition! This Fall we are happy to announce that we will be providing Esports leagues for Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Madden, NBA2K, Call of Duty Warfare and Fortnite! We are open to suggestions for participation improvement.


It’s just like all other recreational sports leagues, but for gaming. 


The leagues will last 8 weeks and will end in a championship tournament for prizes for top 3 placers!  


 - Registration ongoing: Update coming on Friday September 24th 

 - Gameplay: games and times dependent on which league is chosen to play in  

- Gameplay for Rocket League and other PC games possible this Fall season depending on interested. Join a league whether you own a gaming device or not. We have the space to offer up to 8 gamers at a time.


Interested? Here are the details: 

1.  Download the free app and join Pataskala Parks & Recreation at 

2.  Register for leagues in your favorite games, suggest new ones, and invite your friends 

3.  Chat and compete with league mates, view your schedule, and check standings each season! 

We have a Discord now! You do not have to sign-up for leagues to be a member of our Discord. We will post updates on leagues as well providing a place for everyone to socialize! 
Link to join our Discord: 


Got questions? Shoot an email to 



Throughout the year the City of Pataskala Parks and Recreation will provide league programming for Esports titles such as Rocket League and Super Smash Brothers. These leagues would run similarly to traditional sports with league play being 8 weeks long and an end-of-season tournament.

Those signed up for Esports leagues would have free entry to the lab during hours for practice and general computer use. This pass would be accounted for in league fees.


Lab Restrictions

Labs will need to be closed to the public during instruction, league play, and other events scheduled by the Parks and Recreation department.

Registration fee for esports league is $10!


With registration to one of our esports leagues you will get:

  1. League Participation
  2. Free entry to the technology lab at city hall
  3. League Prizes


Registration for all leagues ends January 28th!

Link to registration page:

Connect with other players and contact us on Discord!:

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