Freedom Park

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is the proud home of a military flag display, which inspires its name. Located at the corner of Taylor Road and Havens Corner Road, this 8-acre park links rural Pataskala with nearby neighborhoods.  The Taylor Road multi-use walking path which spans 2.52 miles along Taylor Road north of Broad Street offers easy access from the Brooksedge developments for pedestrians and bicycles. The park’s wide open spaces offer opportunities for casual soccer games and outdoor play.  The shelter house and nearby playground are popular for gatherings.  Future amenities are being planned for this site to accommodate the large number of residents along this corridor. 

Amenities currently available at Freedom Park include:

- Shelter house with electricity and grills

- Playground with inclusive features

- Fitness station

- Multi-use playing fields

- Little Free Library


Potential Improvements and Additions include:

- Caged basketball courts

- Sand volleyball court

- Expanded parking lot 

- Expand onto existing playground

- Shade structure

- Walking path

- Wildflower habitat and path

Freedom Park is an 8-acre active park located at the corner of Taylor Road and Havens Corners Road. Freedom Park has a shelter house and a playground. The address for Freedom Park is 5261 Taylor Road SW Pataskala Ohio 43062

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